Confapi Venezia

Confapi Venezia (formerly Apindustria Venezia) is the Trade Association of Industrial Small and Medium Enterprises of Venice, member of CONFAPI, the National Confederation of Industrial Small and Medium Enterprises.

In Italy, CONFAPI represents 83,000 enterprises, with more than 800,000 workers, applying CONFAPI’s NLC - National Labour Contracts[1].

In Veneto Region, which capital is Venice, more than 6000 Enterprises apply the CONFAPI’s NLC, with around 87,200 workers.

Confapi Venezia ha been founded in the year 2000 and its main purpose is representing the entrepreneurs towards local-level Workers’ Unions and Local Governments for Labour related negotiations, as well as all the topic related to the compliance with Confapi’s National Labour Contracts.

Other functions include:

  1. contributing in local Governments’ economic and strategic planning, representing the SMEs needs and proposals,
  2. assisting member enterprises in developing their business and enhancing their organization, establishing an active business community, currently accounting a number of 500 SMEs engaged in training and projects.

In order to carry on the services strictly related to its functions, Apindustria Venezia established Apindustria Servizi Srl, a private Limited company fully owned by the Trade Association, which annual turnover is around 2.7 million euros.

After a complete renewal of the presidency and the steering committee, which took place in February 2020, the Association aims to launch concrete initiatives to promote the economic revival in response to the covid-19 crisis, boosting international exchanges and cooperation, also in the framework of the Belt & Road Initiative, aiming to promote the excellency of the venetian SMEs, internationally well known for innovative industrial manufacturing, establishing know-how and technology transfer between them and international strategic partners.

[1] Trade Associations in Italy are those organizations whose members are companies, while Federations and Confederations are those organizations whose members are Trade Associations and other smaller Federations.

The most important Federations and Confederations are recognized by the State for the negotiations of the NLC - National Labour Contracts, each Federation and Confederation recognized by the State has its own set of NLCs.

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